Storyboard Artist needed for Feature Film

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    24 April 2021  
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    22 February 2021  

Thank you for viewing my project proposal! 

This project is a personal project. I have been working like a mad-man on the screenplay for a year (draft after draft) and I have finally finallised it. My film is based on a true story and is set in 680 AD - Arabian Peninsula. The theme of the story is GOOD vs EVIL, courage and honour. The story is very simular to the The Passion of the Christ (2004) - in the sense that it follows a religous figure through difficult times. 

Interestingly, my film will not be shot! It will be a sequence of ''''STILL'''' DRAWN IMAGES - with a full music score and cinematic sound. 

My film is very similar to La jetee (1962) (see link below).

(Please note: my FILM will be in COLOUR - all the storyboard panels must be in colour. The reference video above is an EXAMPLE of how my film will look like once it is complete).

Because my film will be DRAWN, extra DETAIL must be added in the character converstions (for the shot-reverse-shots - and action combat scenes). For example, if two characters are having an argument. The facial expressions of the character's faces on the first panel of storyboards must differ to the second panel - everytime the camera cuts back and forth between the PANELS the characters faces must change [of course, if this was being filmed, I would need only ONE PANEL of storyboards and let the camera roll]. 

The storyboards must be in 4K resolution this will allow me to superimpose on certain images and for the images to remain in high quality.  

The storyboards MUST NOT look cartoony they must have a realistic vibe to match the integrity of the epic story. And they must be in colour. Of course, the style of the drawings will be discussed further with the artist etc. The use of light and temperature is very important to add texture to the storyboard panels and depict character emotion. Because my story is set in 680 AD, there is only natural sunlight/ candle and fire for lighting.  

My screenplay consists of 117 pages. That is roughly, 1 hour and 50 minutes screentime. For a 90 minute feature the director would probably need around 400 storyboard plates. However, because my film is a sequence of drawings it would probably need 900 - 1000 plates. This will cover all the different facial expressions of the characters and so on. Of course, this is an estimate number. Maybe the film will require less (like 800), it all depends on the FLOW of the film and how we (the artist and I) will depict it. 

I will forward the screenplay via email to whoever is interested in this project - to get a FULL understanding of the story and what it needs. 

I will help the artist in the props - enviroment - clothing - details of the time in 680 AD. So don't worry about all that. Everything is online anyway and it's just a matter of fishing. Regarding how the CHARACTERS will look like - I have all the images ready. I will be working with the ARTIST every step of the way. I will even provide a ROUGH DRAFT of how I want the images to look like for everyscene. This will be reviewed by the artist and addtional drawnings (if necessary) will be added. 

The budget for this project is 10,000USD. I know this is probably low for the amount of work involved but that is all I have. 

There is plently of time for this project. No rush is needed. As I said, it is my personal project, I do not work for a company - this is my baby. 

I need a PROFESSIONAL ARTIST that has the confidence and the ability to stand by me until this entire masterpeice is complete. So please, if you're the person for this job, do not hesitate to contact me. If you have a background in filmmaking - that will be truly amazing to share ideas. I have studied film all my life and I am currently at the end of my PhD journey in School of Arts Media and Performance.

My budget is fixed, I do not have anymore than what I offered. 

Thank you Kindly.

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